Scar Release Therapy

Scars … what we do know is that they come with traumatic feelings and emotions. Scars signify an event in our life that changed everything, or certainly changed life as we knew it. Scars represents life, loss and sometimes even death.

Almost everyone has at least one. Whether it’s the result of a surgery, or from an injury…we are left with residual complications resulting in chronic pain, itching and nerve irritation at the scar site. Additionally, we are now learning that the scar, while not causing specific irritation at the site, may be contributing to seemingly unrelated chronic pain in other areas of the body.

Scars are the mark of injury to the skin. They can be external or internal, depending on the cause of the wound. Most wounds will leave a scar, appearing after the wound is completely healed. The new scar tissue will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue, and it is generally less flexible than the surrounding skin. A scar is the extra collagen fibers used and left by the body to heal, strengthen and repair injured tissues. Substances (electrolytes) and bio-electrical communications usually pass freely in or out of the cellular membranes and walls in healthy tissues (metabolism). During an injury, surgery or other imbalance, the membrane is broken or disrupted.

The collagenic scar tissue formed during the healing phase has a positive polarity and the surrounding tissue has a negative polarity. This environment creates a reversal of the normal bio-electrical tissue state which disrupts local cellular communications and sends electrical miscommunications throughout the entire Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

These electrical miscommunications sent throughout the ANS have a dysfunctional ripple effect throughout all nerves, vessels, organs, cells and muscles. Every cell in your body is not only connected but is also controlled by your Autonomic Nervous System! Scars can cause disturbances anywhere in the body no matter where they are located!


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